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407 Burnam Capitalization/Investment
 Sigma Development Corporation, LLC
Capitalization Leader/Contact:
Cheston Easter

Board President:
Ted Able

Board Secretary:
David Coffelt

Board Members:
Don Nikodim

Larry Schuster

Steve Cronin

Investor Information:

Sigma Development Corporation, LLC completed redevelopment of the new annex, senior apartments, and parking garage complex in 2012 & 2013. And now beginning the final and most important part of the Capitalization/Investment effort, the main house at 407 Burnam.

The timeline line to demo the existing property at 407 Burnan and replace with a new home for AGS is Fall 2016.  To complete this important step we need AGS Alumni to make their investment today.


The Next and Final Stage:

The company expects to use the proceeds of this offering to pay expenses related to the design, development, and construction of a new fraternity main house after demolishing the existing AGS house at 407 Burnam has served at the home of hundreds of young Ag.Sigs.

Planning and design & capitalization are to be completed by February 2015
Target demo and beginning of new construction May, 2014
Construction is expected to require 10 months
Fall 2016 is projected to be first occupancy for AGS

Progress To Date:

In May of 2011 Members of the Alpha Gamma Sigma alumni association met in Columbia to organize and implement a fund raising endeavor to raise charitable donations to build the facilities that now exist at 500& 502 Rollins in Columbia.   Specific members among the group believed we should change our business model, organizational model, and capitalization plan as extensive work on fundraising over the previous two or more years had yielded negligible results. During the following two months certain leaders in the group, after completing a business and market analysis fostered a counter proposal with a for profit model that allowed alumni to invest with fellow Sigmas using a plan which allowed use of both qualified money and non qualified investment funds while creating real ownership and a profit on their investment.  The resulting entity, Sigma Development Company was chartered and 70 alumni stepped forward to invest. 

Click Here to see completed projects. (New Annex, Senior Apartments, And Parking Garage.)